Sárdy, Szalántai és Társai Ügyvédi Iroda

Finding the adequate customised solution
is our common success and fruit of our co-operation.

Our colleagues

Dr. Kinga Szalántai

Attorney-at-Law, Senior Partner
Phone: +36 20 232 5615

University of Szeged (2000)
College for Foreign Trade (1992)

Professional experience:

Sárdy, Szalántai & Partners Law Office (1998-)

Other experience:

Ganz Ansaldo Villamossági Rt. (1994-1998) – PR officer
Testnevelési Egyetem (1993-1994) – Alignment with European Higher Education Fund project manager
General Motors Acceptance Corporation Hungary Kft. (1992-1993) – accounting supervisor

Language skills: English, German, Italian

Dr. Dániel Pataki

Attorney-at-Law, Tax Advisor
Phone: +36 30 402 3224

Eötvös Lóránd University (2003)

Professional experience:

Pataki Dániel Law Office (2008-)
Of Counsel at Sárdy, Szalántai & Partners Law Office (2008-)
Sárdy, Szalántai & Partners Law Office junior attorney (2006-2008)
National Office of Tax and Customs Administration, East Budapest Directorate (2004-2006)

Language skills: English, German

Dr. Zsolt Maklári

Junior Attorney
Phone: +36 30 983 8264

Eötvös Lóránd University (2012)

Professional experience:

Sárdy, Szalántai & Partners Law Office (2010-)

Language skills: English

Dr. Anikó Kallus

Attorney-at-Law, Senior Partner
Phone: +36 30 983 6927

Eötvös Lóránd University (1993)

Professional experience:

Sárdy, Szalántai & Partners Law Office (2000-)
National Office of Tax and Customs Administration East Budapest Directorate (1998-2000)
Law Office No. 2 of Miskolc (1994-1996)
Major’s Office of the Local Municipality of Miskolc (1993-1994)

Language skills: English

Dr. Zsuzsanna Baráth

Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Phone: +36 30 983 6928

University of Miskolc (2007)

Professional experience:

Sárdy, Szalántai & Partners Law Office (2008-)

Language skills: English

Dr. Ildikó Sárdy

Attorney-at-Law, Managing Partner
Phone: +36 30 948 6643

Eötvös Lóránd University (1989)
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1988)
University of Helsinki (1989)

Professional experience:

Founder of Sárdy, Szalántai & Partners Law Office (1992-)
Eörsi & Partners Law Office (1991-1992)
General Banking Trust (1990-1991)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Law Department (1989-1990)


Juris Consult Alliance (JCA) Chairman (2011-2012)
Juris Consult Alliance (JCA) Member of the Board of Directors (2010, 2013-2015)

Language skills: English, Italian

Our team has wide experience in the following areas of law:

Establishment of business entities, branch offices and representation offices, comprising:

  • counselling regarding the selection of the appropriate form of operation;
  • drawing up of necessary documents (i.e., bylaws, internal regulations, rules);
  • representation in the registration procedure at the Registration Court.

Assistance in transactions related to restructuring, merging, de-merging and acquisitions of companies, including:

  • participation in the planning and preparation;
  • counselling in all related fields of law;
  • performance of the due diligence exercise, active participation in the analysis of the entities affected by the transaction;
  • drawing up of all documents required for the accomplishment of the transaction.

Termination of business entities, (voluntary) winding up proceedings.

Transactions aimed at the transfer of title (sale and purchase, donation, exchange) related to various types of real estate (residential houses, apartments, holiday homes, industrial and commercial properties, agricultural land, etc..)

Lease agreements for houses/apartments and premises for business use, agricultural leaseholds.

Legal background of real estate projects, greenfield investments, participation in the preparatory steps, advising in the implementation process and elaboration of the contractual background.

Transactions aimed at the use, letting and renting of commercial properties and office buildings; transactions related to real estate constructed for sale and investment purposes.

Representation in land registry procedures (e.g., plot restructuring, servitudes, reclassification, condominiums.)

Title actions (termination of common ownership, adverse possession. etc..)

Counselling in employment matters.

Drafting and reviewing contracts (manager contracts, ordinary employment contracts, study contracts, collective agreements, inventory liability agreements).

Elaboration and regular review of internal regulations (due diligence of employment documentation and processes).

Preparation of and counselling with respect to measurements and legal statements.

Collaboration in the out-of-court settlement of employment disputes.

Representation in labour lawsuits.

Representation in and completion of procedures aimed at the avoidance of lawsuits.

Representation in litigation in civil, commercial, administrative and employment matters.

Representation in arbitral proceedings before Hungarian and foreign arbitration courts.

Representation in disputes related to foreign currency loans before the financial mediatory bodies and courts.

Enforcement of claims in litigious and non-litigious procedures.

Representation in payment order procedures.

Representation in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings.

Collaterals – counselling, drafting of legal documents and recording in public registries.

Transactions related to the assignment of receivables and claims.

Counselling in e-commerce matters.

Assistance in setting up and operating webshops.

Assistance in the settlement of domain registration disputes.

Data protection; data handling and processing issues (preparation of regulations, support of direct marketing campaigns and promotions, counselling in data protection issues).

Counselling and representation in consumer protection matters.

Assistance in the establishment of associations and foundations, and in the implementation and registration of changes.

Legal assistance with the operative functions of associations and foundations (preparation of the documentation of meetings of their organs, drafting and reviewing of contracts required for the operation, drafting of documents required by changes to be implemented).

Representation in registration procedures.

Counselling and representation in administrative matters, including legal proceedings against the decisions of governmental and administrative authorities.

Representation in licensing and approval procedures.

Representation in first instance and appeal proceedings before the administrative and other authorities.

Representation in tax inspections, tax audits and tax administration proceedings.

Unfair market behaviour, abuse of dominant position.

Cartel practices.

Merger controls and clearance.

Property law matters.

Indemnity matters.

Elaboration of the structure and elements (agreements) of legal transactions, contractual structures.

Drawing up and reviewing of commercial contracts, standards and templates (distribution, supply, franchise, and agency agreements).

Comprehensive counselling in business decision making procedures and in negations.

Representation in trademark registration procedures before the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office and international offices (WIPO).

Trademark registration in the European Community and in the USA.

Elaboration of software development and licence agreements.


Agreements of succession.

Maintenance and lifetime annuity agreements.

Representation in inheritance matters – including foreigners and Hungarian nationals living abroad.

Assistance in legacy or succession matters outside Hungary.

Matrimonial property regimes.

Divorce proceedings.

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